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Soon after, the Cold War ended and the United States and its allies emerged as victors. In Essay on cold war era phase, non withdrawal of army from Iran by Soviet Russia, Berlin blaockade etc. Download this Essay in word format. Historians agree with Kennan's assessment, citing in part the U.

Each of us, today, is in some way a product of the Cold War, and understanding the Cold War lends itself to understanding our own lives today.

It is, in hindsight, almost pandering to Stalin's own sense of paranoia and his obsession with what he believed was the plot to oust him. On March 12,he called for immediate economic and military aid to Greece, which was threatened by communist insurrection, and to Turkey, which was under pressure form Soviet expansion in the Mediterranean.

Though there was no direct large-scale war between the two states, there was always the threat that could have triggered a full-blown world war.

At that time, the Vietnamese War started on The unnecessary expenditure in the armament production created a barrier against the progress of the world and adversely affected a country and prevented improvement in the living standards of the people.

The tension of the Cold War is expressed in these documents, although the hindsight reflection and analysis of historians helps to define the events, the strategies, rhetoric, and ideologies serves to further the understanding for those people who are of an age and mind to be politically active today, but whose own life experiences do not include the Cold War era.

This is not a work of revisionism, but is a historical reporting of the Cold War era. President Eisenhower participated in the conclusion of an armistice that accepted the front line as the actual bounder between the two Koreas.

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In the moment, which in historical hindsight shows an extraordinary sensitivity to the situation and perception in analysis. These two powers were on the opposite ends of the economic and political spectrum — the United States being the capitalist state, while the Soviet Union the Marxist-Lenin socialist state.

Also, the Cuban missile crisis informed both sides that nuclear war in pursuit of political objectives was simply too dangerous. Each player's position is well documented and presented in the primary documents, and they interact with one another: Truman suggests that there are two directions that a country's leadership can take; that of communism, or free enterprise capitalism.

It is a fearful article, one that details threat of the Soviet Union, not so much as a philosophy, rather as the machine driven by fundamentalists and fanatics who, aside from philosophy, would still remain a threat to society.

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But in the prospects of mitigating Cold War were marred by sudden development in Afghanistan. It divided the world into two groups which was not a healthy sign for mankind. Ina serious impact to the Cold War was the death of Stalin.

Essay on Cold War

America assured Russia that she would not attack Cuba and Russia also withdrew missile station from Cuba. But they were in better shape then Europe. This pressured the Soviet Union to funnel funding to its own army, but it eventually succumbed to bankruptcy. The Cold War was a critical period in the history of the worldand it is the impact of the Cold War that continues to be a major influence on how world leaders respond to international threats and events today.

This makes Novikav's telegram almost as prophetic as Kennan's own, except that there is an almost irrational tone to it, as compared to Kennan's ration tone advocating patience and persistence through diplomatic approaches. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling for the assistance of all United Nations members in slowing the invasion.

Perhaps one of the enduring lessons of the Cold War is the emphasis on the importance of allies Edwards, Various Phases of the Cold War: Within a short span of time, America gave military assistance to 43 countries and formed military bases around Soviet Russia.Cold War Revision A war short of full scale war because of the development of the Atomic bomb.

CAUSES OF THE COLD WAR [BARE] 1. Beliefs: Russia was a Communist country, ruled by a dictator who cared little about human rights. Cold War era Virginia Dunnigan SS Unit 2 Kaplan University Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union, the United States and the Soviet Union represented two opposing systems of government.

Apr 24,  · This was the first major Hot War of the Cold War era setting a precedent for how conflicts were to be fought in the years to follow.

Over the next three years of fighting, the contest between the Superpowers in Asia would only expand and intensify. The Cold War was only called the cold war because the two countries never actually engaged in direct conflict.

However they did participate on opposing sides in a few other conflicts. Such as the Korean War and Vietnam War with the Russians and the United states supporting different sides of the war. Jan 07,  · Cold War Essay Essay on Cold War The Cold War is a term used to describe the open yet restricted rivalry and hostility that developed after World War II.

Cold War Essay How the Cold War Shaped America as a Global Superpower The Cold War was a time in history when there was a great political and military turmoil between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Essay on cold war era
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