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Whether solving cases for the Miami-Metro Police Department or butchering evildoers in his spare time, with a keen analytical mind and meticulously laid out plans, Dex is superb at whatever job he puts his mind to. The tricks and ways of getting a puzzle solved in many cartoon shows often awed the children Smartest cartoon character well as the elders as it was pictured after deep analysis.

Professor Farnsworth Voiced by Billy West in Futurama He may be a deranged senile old codger who does more harm than good with his genius, but nevertheless, by constructing such mind-boggling inventions as the Smell-O-Scope and a plethora of doomsday devices, a genius is most certainly what he is.

The witty characters expressed sarcasm and wisdom through their expressions that made Smartest cartoon character spectacular display of new ideas. And while in the end he may have met his match with the up-and-coming criminal mastermind, Walter White, Gus still deserves his due respect for being one of the smoothest evil genius's to ever blast onto television.

Sure, he unintentionally brought about the near-annihilation of the human species too, but, hey; no one's perfect. Hall in Dexter Part-time forensic blood spatter analyst, part-time vigilante serial killer with a warped code of ethics, it's debatable how good of a role model Dexter Morgan really is.

Like most TV nerds, Steve was a genius when it came to all things science. Angus MacGyver Played by Richard Dean Anderson in MacGyver Preferring non-violent conflict resolution over the nasty world of guns and other deadly weaponry, this secret agent with an education in science and one glorious head of hair was the most clever and resourceful problem solver ever to make his way onto television screens.

No matter what disease is thrown at him, no matter how impossibly incurable it seems, House usually manages to save the day. In some cases, the characters in animation are more human than anything seen in live-action television, although they nonetheless tend to find themselves in situations and scenarios that real people could never quite recreate.

D, an eidetic memory, an IQ ofand a strict logical mind, Sheldon has a rational, analytical way of thinking that's matched only by the smartest of sci-fi androids and the most logical of Star Trek Vulcans.

None more so afflicted than this meticulously organized germaphobe detective. As time passed by cartoons and animations have witnessed tremendous progress and gradually intelligent cartoon characters came into existence. His most stunning scientific achievement being his invention of a device capable of transforming his DNA using a serum known as "cool juice" from the nerdy gene he was born with to the cool gene he was lacking; thus changing his appearance and personality to a charismatic alter ego named Stefan Urquelle.

Having been in the 4th grade for over 30 years at this point, chances are this troublemaking youngster has caused more chaos than any other character in history. The inception of cartoon mainly aimed at children with a motive to cheer them up and fill their novice world with colors of laughter and comics.

50 Most Famous Cartoon Characters & Mascots

Steve Urkel Played by Jaleel White in Family Matters Originally set to appear only once in the hit sitcom Family Matters, this beloved epitome of nerdyness went on to become the most memorable and well-known star of the show. Part-human, part-vulcan, with a mind as sharp as his ears, this science fiction favorite is a master of reason over feeling.

Some characters had gangs and a companion who helped them solve the problems. Some characters had gangs and a companion who helped them solve the problems. This led to a wider concept of teamwork and management. The enthusiasm the cartoon characters show in solving puzzles and grave situations have made them emerge as animated intellectuals.

Due to the experiments conducted on her by The Academy, River admittedly has a few problems here and there, but with a brain that big and a face that hot, who really cares? A wide variety of hilarious yet most intelligent cartoon characters have now adorned the animated world and is gracing it more and more with time.

Lex Luthor Played by Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville From comic books, to movies, to TV, Lex Luthor has always been one of the most notoriously brilliant archnemesis, criminal masterminds in superhero history. In addition to irritating his sister Lisa and constantly disappointing his parents, this brat can be a complete menace to just about everyone he meets…and the world has always absolutely loved him for that exact reason.

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Significance of intelligent cartoon characters Cartoon characters generally sufficed the prime motive of creating humor and comedy but the need to have intelligent cartoon characters emerged to give a different flavor and a new look on cartoons.

Key features of intelligent cartoon characters The intelligent cartoon characters in a show did not perform any task all by themselves but they demanded the aid of their pals to accomplish a mission.

Sheldon Cooper Played by Jim Parsons in The Big Bang Theory Through the use of consultants from the actual scientific community and the regular incorporation of real scientific findings in their dialogue, The Big Bang Theory is one of the few TV shows that actually puts the real life genius of scientists in the spotlight.

Cal Lightman from the short lived TV series Lie to Me was a highly intelligent psychologist with an expertise in body language -- predominantly microexpressions based on the real-life scientific discoveries of American psychologist Paul Ekman -- and founder of The Lightman Group, a private company that operates as an independent contractor to assist investigations of local and federal law enforcement through applied psychology.

Dexter Morgan Played by Michael C.Jul 12,  · High IQ: The Top 24 Brainiest Cartoon Characters.

Top 15 Most Intelligent Cartoon Characters

But who is the smartest? Which cartoon character has the right to claim the title of “Brainiest Cartoon Character?” I have assembled an array of men and women whose smarts are the stuff of legend. Jul 19,  · Who's the dumbest of them all? We got the answer right here. Join as we count down the top 10 dumbest animated TV characters.

Check. Patrick Star Have you ever wondered what it is like to be as smart as Patrick Star? - Smartest Cartoon Character introduction?? If you have, I don’t blame you. Patrick helps the sad, which makes the happy, happier. He cheered up Spongebob when he thought he. For real, every single one.

In writing this post I came to realize the sheer volume of cartoon characters that have permanently infiltrated my brain. A famous cartoon character or mascot design seems to have one thing in common: they are incredibly sticky. Like it or. Unlike most cartoon characters, especially the silly animal kinds, this wallaby and his fellow furry friends Heffer and Filburt lived in the very down-to-Earth O-Town, where.

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